Volume V Issue XXXVII


Erin Brady Worsham: Breathtaking Metamorphosis
  by Associated Press / Knox News


A Time For Every Purpose
  by Anne Voegtlin


A Dose of Strength
  by Jennifer Basye Sander


I Turned My Life Around
  by Shelly Sundholm


Dunk Not
  by Joseph Walker




Let's Become Fearless
  by Mark Reiman


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Seattle Washington USA

picture2Jim and Mark met during college in Bellingham WA and have been adventuresome best friends ever since. Together they formed Embrace The Rain Music in 1995 and have produced two CDs of Mark's music. ETR began with a vision of producing music that brings joy and inspiration to each listener. Incredible People Magazine is the latest step in a continuing mission of helping people live to their very fullest potential...body, mind, and spirit.


picture2Mark Reiman is a co-founder and publisher of Incredible People Magazine and is the editor-in-chief. He was diagnosed with A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in 1991. To create greater awareness of ALS and share a message of hope and determination, he became the first person in history to sing the national anthem in every major league baseball park in one season (1998), for which he now holds a certified Guinness World Record. One of his best memories of the anthem tour is getting to throw out the first pitch in Kansas City. The worst is hitting the 70-year old photographer with the ball. Along with writing for and publishing the magazine, Mark speaks to audiences around the U.S. and is the author of the book, Through The Perilous Fight: Living a Life of Challenge. Mark and his wife Julie belong to college age twins and a pug-dog named Murphy just a little north of Seattle. Email Mark at Mark@IncrediblePeople.com


picture2Jim Mulenos is a co-founder and publisher of Incredible People Magazine and operates as our CEO and CFO. Jim is a software developer by profession but is also a true multi-talented, Renaissance man...musician, athlete, philosopher, great dad, and amazing fixer of most anything screwed up. He always said that when he grew up he would do three things he wasn't allowed to as a child: jump on the bed, sing at the dinner table, and ride his bike in the house. So he does. Jim, his wife and daughter divide work, school, and play time between the Seattle WA and Sun Valley, Idaho. Email Jim at Jim@IncrediblePeople.com


tori pickeral.jpgTori Pickerel-Hammer is IP’s Director of Operations. She had the questionable fortune to make friends with Mark and Jim during college. In spite of their influences, Tori was able to use her myriad talents as a successful businesswoman. She has also been deeply involved in the non-profit sector for over 15 years and brings with her both tremendous experience and passion for making a difference for good.  When she has the time and energy, Tori likes to bicycle, make wool braided rugs, and collect watering cans. Her favorite quote is, “Kid’s don’t care what we know. Kids want to know we care.”  - Wally Watson.  She and her family live transplanted (“I soooo miss the rain of Seattle”) in the Huntington Beach area of Orange County, CA.   Email Tori at Tori@IncrediblePeople.com


picture2Anne Voegtlin is a regular and feature contributer to IP Mag. She and Mark Reiman began a 30-year friendship in Mr. Gilmore's ninth grade English class at Mount Vernon (WA) High School. A journalism graduate from the University of Oregon with a master's degree in journalism from the Univ. of Missouri ('83), she is a veteran journalist living near Portland, OR. She often writes feature articles and columns for both newspapers and magazines focusing primarily on people, parenting, and music. She leads a very busy life with her marathon-running husband and middle school age twin boys. Email Anne at: Anne@IncrediblePeople.com


picture2Nancy Paulsen is a regular contributor to IP Mag. She has a degree in English and master's degree in counseling from Northern Illinois University. Nancy has been a school counselor for 11 years and is also a marriage and family therapist. Sometime she will tell you the true story of entertaining a cougar one very long night while camping in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. She lives and works in the Great Pacific Northwest. Email Nancy at: AskAdvice@IncrediblePeople.com


picture2Shelley White is the other co-editor of It's OK To Ask. She spent some time teaching chimpanzees American Sign Language and that's not counting her years as a middle school counselor. Shelley has master's degree in educational psychology from the Seattle University and extensive experience as a clinical therapist, school counselor, and violence intervention specialist. She also plays a very mean game of backgammon. She's the mom of two young girls who, along with numerous dogs and cats, all live near Puget Sound. Email Shelley at: swhite@silverlink.net


picture2Teresa Chang is IP's creative, talented webmaster. She has a master's degree in computer graphic design from Syracuse University and has a very lovable, white shelty dog named Cupid that understands Chinese quite well but cannot write it...yet. Teresa works in the computer industry and lives with her husband not far from Bill Gates' corporate HQ in Redmond, WA. Email Teresa at: webmaster@IncrediblePeople.com


picture2Murphy is IP's poster boy. With a face that requires lots of hope and inspiration, a body filled with determination, and a soul brimming with courage and compassion, he is One Incredible Dog. Email Murphy through his man-servant at: mark@IncrediblePeople.com
picture2Cupid is IP's No.2 poster boy. With a face that requires lots of love and care. he is our webmaster's baby. Email cupid at: webmaster@IncrediblePeople.com


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