Volume V Issue XXXVII


Erin Brady Worsham: Breathtaking Metamorphosis
  by Associated Press / Knox News


A Time For Every Purpose
  by Anne Voegtlin


A Dose of Strength
  by Jennifer Basye Sander


I Turned My Life Around
  by Shelly Sundholm


Dunk Not
  by Joseph Walker




Let's Become Fearless
  by Mark Reiman


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Seattle Washington USA


January 8, 2003
orphanage bldg.jpg (211754 bytes)TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE

In November of 1998 Terry Tuszynski heard a story on the evening news that would not let her sleep. Soon she and her husband, Tom, made a decision that changed their lives forever...  click Now


November 1, 2002
erik_top.jpg (10427 bytes)ON TOP OF THE WORLD
He has accomplished what most mountain climbers only dream of -- climb the tallest mountain on every continent, referred to simply as the Seven Summits. His entire adult life, at the ripe old age of 33, has been about achieving incredible goals that no one else thought possible. In doing so, he helps us all reconsider our own possibilities
.  click Now


September 29, 2002
crispin hiking.jpg (103143 bytes)CRISPIN MORRISON: Shouting Out About a Silent Killer
Ovarian cancer afflicts 1 in 57 women and carries with it a mortality rate of 75 percent. Most fatalities occur within 5 years of diagnosis. Most of us go through our day-to-day lives ignorant of this pernicious disease. "How could the medical community ignorantly propose that the symptoms, so typical of this deadly killer, are imagined?" asked Crispin Morrison over the past two courageous years of her life. Morrison now offers important information for every woman and those who care about the women in their lives. She has made it her life’s purpose to educate people to detect the warning signs of ovarian cancer and to advise us what to do when one or more of these telltale signs appear. She also strongly encourages people to listen to and respect their intuition about their health. This is information we implore you to know. Reading this story may save a life. It may save your life.  click Now


July 31, 2002
photo of nyc fireman.jpg (25300 bytes)JON BOARMAN: The Creation of a Fireman Part II: The Real Life Of Riley
No simple undertaking, Jon Boarman had sculpted a clay bust of a fireman in full firefighting gear, helmet and all, from a photograph. No ordinary photo, this fireman was covered with pulverized dust from the World Trade Center on September 11th. It had been a labor of six months and countless hours, but it was a labor of love. Now the young artist from the Heartland who has always wanted to be a fireman was about meet Jerry Riley, the fireman in NYC whose face he knows so well. click Now


May 30, 2002
jb-posing w_statue.jpg (54994 bytes)JON BOARMAN: The Creation of a Fireman Part I

Many incredible things have occurred as a result of the September 11th terrorist attack on America. One of those incredible things is the story of an Indiana high school senior who has grown up knowing that one day he will be a fireman. He is also an extraordinary student artist involved in a project that is an incredible story all on its own. click Now


April 23, 2002
ddoss-hmpg.jpg (42332 bytes)DESMOND DOSS - A War Hero Without a Gun

From all outward appearances he was the most unlikely war hero you could imagine. What was he doing in the U.S. Army during World War Two? Slight of build and softly spoken, even though he adamantly refused to carry a gun he was determined to serve his country. He believed all killing was wrong. His fellow soldiers ridiculed his praying and Bible reading, called him a coward, even threatened his life and tried to get him thrown out of the Army. But this man without a gun had the heart of a lion and became one of America’s greatest heroes. click Now


February 18, 2002
cd-founders.jpg (246373 bytes)CHALLENGE DAY: A Unique Program That Changes Lives

Tired and dissatisfied with programs that didn’t help young people until after they have hurt themselves and others, Yvonne and Rich St. John-Dutra set out to do something radically different. Because of their extraordinary vision and efforts, fortunate students and their schools across the country are finally finding ways to stop harassment, bullying, and violence -- and there’s no denying their incredible successes. Every parent, every school, and every community needs to know about Challenge Day!  (02/18/2002 issue) click Now


December 12, 2001
kelley.jpg (7167 bytes)JUST LIKE ANY OTHER GIRL

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" is a cute aphorism, and even solid advice when tough challenges come our way.  But those who actually try practicing it know it's much easier said than done.  Enter Kelley Sperry, a bright active 10 year old girl dealing with a rare medical condition and still trying to be "just like any other girl".  Surely in many ways she is just that, but she is more.  She has the heart of a hero.  (12/12/2001 issue) click Now



October 31, 2001

A child’s battle with cancer has a tremendous impact on their entire family. Here is a summer camp for kids with cancer and the whole family. Its unique program is having an incredible impact that more people need to know about  (10/31/2001 issue) click Now

September 12, 2001
chemo3-DJR 2wks before.jpg (48167 bytes)FLOCK OF PENGUINS: LIVE AT THE CHEMO LOUNGE

What could penguins possibly have to do with music? And what could either have to do with the tremendous challenges of cancer and chemotherapy? It would be Ralph, and Joe, and David, "Bug", and a special doctor named LaRocca...          (09/12/2001 issue) click Now


August 9, 2001
Darric1-graduation.jpg (178850 bytes) FROM TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH: The Incredible Story of Darric McCormick

A California high school dropout becomes a young, successful general contractor and adventure athlete. Then in a moment of misjudgement he breaks his neck, nearly drowns, and is given 72 hours to live by the trauma room doctor. That he survived at all is a miracle. What followed is both truly amazing and inspiring...          (08/09/2001 issue) click Now


July 4, 2001

*An Incredible People exclusive story* As an outstanding student-athlete at Harvard, and arguably the best football player in that school’s history, he set numerous records and was showered with collegiate awards for his exceptional performance, both on the football field and in the classroom. Now he is living his dream of playing football in the NFL. In his own words, read how this man has dealt with the extraordinary challenges in his life, the choices and decisions he made, the lessons learned, and the incredible love that made him who he is today...             (07/04/2001 issue) click Now


June 5, 2001
shonda4-head shot.jpg (10761 bytes)SHONDA SCHILLING: CHOICES OF THE HEART: One of the great champions in the American ALS community, Schilling has everything it takes to live a life where people do things for her. Instead, she is one who is constantly doing for others, especially pALS... 

(06/05/2001 issue) click Now





May 1, 2001
muffy_race.jpg (49744 bytes)MUFFY DAVIS: SKIING OVER A MOUNTAIN OF CHALLENGE. She just won gold in the World Cup giant slalom. High school valedictorian, Stanford honors grad, and gorgeous. Plus, her nickname is Guns. The mountain started out as her place of freedom and then became the symbol of a tremendous obstacle in her life. Now it's become her freedom again. This is a story you'll never forget. (05/01/2001 issue) click Now


February 14, 2001
Cecilia Maida - IP homepg.jpgCECILIA MAIDA: ROAD WARRIOR
An incredible woman with an iron will hits the road with her dog to turn obstacle into opportunity. Read why, nearly every day, Cecilia Maida is, "on the road again".
(04/14/2001 issue) click Now
December 13, 2000
Alyosha-school.jpgTERRY TUSZYNSKI: "YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE": A hard winter was setting in on dozens of children - hungry, cold, and destitute in a Russian orphanage. Sure, it’s sad, but what can one person do half a world away? She knew she must do something…and she did!  (12/13/2000 issue) click Now






October 23, 2000
gilbert6A+Deanne (2).jpgA ROW IN THE DARK (Part II):  The Catalina Crossing is a 32 mile rowing race from California’s Catalina Island to Marina del Rey. The physical endurance required is equal to running two marathons back-to-back, and the crossing is filled with potential dangers including rowing through the middle of primary shipping lanes to San Francisco and LA. The author lost her sight 12 years ago when she bought over-the-counter eye drops that had been tampered with. A vivid, first-person account brought to life by the author, come along on this exciting, incredible adventure.  (10/23/2000 issue) click Now


September 14, 2000
gilbert6A+Deanne (2).jpgA ROW IN THE DARK (Part I):  Racing across 32 miles of Pacific Ocean from Catalina Island to Marina del Rey in a racing shell is a formidable athletic feat equal to running two marathons back to back. Losing our escort boat and being blind made it a double adventure.  (09/14/2000 issue) click Now


July 23, 2000
kaye_totem.jpg (22138 bytes)LAURA EVANS: THE CLIMB OF HER LIFE: She nearly died battling breast cancer, then led 16 other breast cancer survivors toward the summit of the 3rd highest mountain in the world. Not enough? She is also bringing together the top breast cancer researchers in the country to share their ideas with one another. Amazingly, that’s not all... (07/23/2000 issue) click Now


June 21, 2000
kaye_totem.jpg (22138 bytes)KAYE BAXTER: A WILD ANIMAL’S BEST FRIEND:  When wildlife and their natural habitat collide with humankind’s continuous need for more room, it’s a lose-lose situation. Animals lose their lives and their homeland and we humans lose one of our most precious natural resources. This woman is making a tremendous difference and she needs your help. (06/21/2000 issue) click Now


May 8, 2000
GBuell-BBall.gif (57861 bytes)PATTY MITCHELL: THE ART OF LOVE.
Artist, coach, collaborator, social worker, even an archeologist of sorts - she has uncovered many precious works of art...inside some of the most remarkable artists you’ve ever read about. Meet an amazing woman who has transformed an entire community with art and love. (05/08/2000 issue) click Now


March 31, 2000
GBuell-BBall.gif (57861 bytes)GREG BUELL: JUST AN OBSTACLE ILLUSION:  Things seem to be falling into place pretty well for Greg Buell now, but 9 months ago he was afraid they might fall apart.

The front window of his small, neatly kept apartment looks out over a gorgeous Seattle postcard-like vista featuring boats on the water and distant snow capped mountains. A large, beautiful, framed poster of waves crashing around a lighthouse hangs over the brick fireplace. Written below the lighthouse and the ocean spray are nine words which eloquently sum up the faith and perseverance of the young 22 year old man who lives here. (03/31/2000 issue) click Now



February 28, 2000
muffy_race.jpg (49744 bytes)MUFFY DAVIS: SKIING OVER A MOUNTAIN OF CHALLENGE. She just won gold in the World Cup giant slalom. High school valedictorian, Stanford honors grad, and gorgeous. Plus, her nickname is Guns. The mountain started out as her place of freedom and then became the symbol of a tremendous obstacle in her life. Now it's become her freedom again. This is a story you'll never forget. (02/28/2000 issue) click Now    (Editor's note: This story was so good we ran it again May 1, 2001)


February 9, 2000
THE DAY LISA LOST. As a three sport, standout student-athlete, Lisa Kincaid was a winner in every way. For 64 consecutive conference meets she won every single track and field event she entered. But her most amazing victory was the day she lost.
(02/09/2000 issue) click Now


January 1, 2000
picture2DALE O'REILLEY: A WAY WITH WORDS For 25 years writing was Dale's profession. In the last 6 years it has become her mission in life. Then, when best-selling author Scott Turow asked her to be a consultant on the writing of his latest book, Personal Injuries, it became very personal. (01/01/2000 issue) click Now


Nov 15th, 1999
picture2Erik Weihenmayer is SETTING HIS SIGHTS HIGH. "People have the inner resources to become anything they want to be," he says. He has climbed the highest peak on three of the world's seven continents and scaled the Nose of El Capitan. He plans to attempt an ascent of Mount Everest, the world's highest peak, in 2001. Believe me, there's more to this story than meets the eye.(11/15/1999 issue) click Now

Note:  This article got so much response when we ran it in June, we had to run it again!  Ed.



Oct 17th, 1999
picture2JOE LOCKE: HONORING A MOTHER Joe Locke had an ambitous dream to honor his mother. Even though he died before his project was completed, his incredible love and devotion to his mother has inspired a host of others to carry on. (10/17/1999 issue) click Now


Sep 27th, 1999
picture2"I JUST WANT TO LET PEOPLE KNOW WE CARE," says KALEE GOLTSCHER. She is an incredible young woman filled with a desire to make a difference in the lives of others. What makes her tick? And how unusual among young people today is this attitude of helping others? You might be surprised. Then again, if you've found this magazine, you might not be.(09/27/1999 issue)  click Now


Sep 7th, 1999
picture2In IS OUR COUNTRY IN NEED OF COMPASSION? Anne Voegtlin examines her feelings around the tragic death of John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his wife and sister-in-law. Simply in finding his own successful, seemingly happy path and being able to define himself in the midst of an overpowering legacy, JFK Jr. was an inspiring person to many. Do we care when tragedy strikes those whose life does not have a direct impact on ours? Should we? Or is hearing about tragedy simply too common place in our world today? Read this thought provoking piece as you consider your own feelings.(09/07/1999 issue)   click Now


Aug 7th, 1999
picture2Raoul Wallenberg: INCREDIBLE COURAGE, INCREDIBLE HERO. Raoul Wallenberg is credited with saving the lives of more than 100,000 during WWII. His story is both high adventure, comedy, and mystery. Learn more about this inspiring hero and how hebecame perhaps the greatest "little known" hero of WWII.(08/07/1999 issue) click Now


July 15th, 1999
picture2Cordelia Taylor moved from her beautiful home in the suburbs back to the same crime-infested inner city neighborhood of Milwaukee where she had spent many years. She returned and has shown her old neighborhood and her city how to make some Incredible changes, simply by PUTTING FAITH INTO ACTION. (07/15/1999 issue) Click Now


June 17th, 1999
picture2"People have the inner resources to become anything they want to be," says Erik Weihenmayer. He has climbed the highest peak on three of the world's seven continents and scaled the Nose of El Capitan. He plans to attempt an ascent of Mount Everest, the world's highest peak, in 2001. In more ways than one, he is SETTING HIS SIGHTS HIGH. (06/17/1999 issue) Click Now


June 7th, 1999
picture2BIG LESSONS IN THE GAME OF LIFE. Curt Marsh was a tremendous success at every level of football from high school to the NFL, playing for the Oakland Raiders, and with a Super Bowl ring to prove it. Today, after football and rising above tremendous personal challenge, he finds success helping people find hope and belief in themselves. Read about this big guy sharing some BIG LESSONS IN THE GAME OF LIFE. (06/07/1999 issue) Click Now


May 17th, 1999
picture2JIMMY HUNTER TAKES TO THE MOUND TO STRIKE OUT A.L.S.  Watch out ALS. Jimmy Hunter is a winner and he's on the mound again, throwing strikes as usual. (05/17/1999 issue) Click Now


May 7th, 1999
picture2Being with kids is what Charlie Hoar does these days. After a lifetime journey of twists and turns we've found a man who is truly a Friend In Deed. (05/07/1999 issue) Click Now


April 17th, 1999
picture2Katie Holloway is 5 feet, 11 inches tall and already a standout athlete in volleyball, basketball, and fastpitch softball. She has a  surprising and inspiring story - and she is just 12 years old. And her age is not the surprise. (04/17/1999 issue) Click Now


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