Volume V Issue XXXVII


Erin Brady Worsham: Breathtaking Metamorphosis
  by Associated Press / Knox News


A Time For Every Purpose
  by Anne Voegtlin


A Dose of Strength
  by Jennifer Basye Sander


I Turned My Life Around
  by Shelly Sundholm


Dunk Not
  by Joseph Walker




Let's Become Fearless
  by Mark Reiman


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Seattle Washington USA


IP Magazine Editor In Chief

An internet friend forwarded an email to me that got me pretty fired up. It was one of those "Pass this on to your friends" emails that are circulated widely through the internet and many of you receive. Sometimes it's a joke, or an inspiring poem, or a petition about one thing or another.

I delete 90% of these without much thought and I had seen this particular one before, but I read it again for some reason.

In one way, I'm sorry I did because it hurts to be reminded of how filled with fear people are and how they think and behave as a result. And I'm glad I read it for exactly the same reason -- not because I enjoy feeling bad, but because it's important to realize how much people are literally ruled by fear.

I think that when it comes right down to it, people do the things they do for one of two reasons: Love or Fear.

Fear seems to happen almost automatically, with virtually no effort on our part. On the other hand, Love requires us to consciously choose it. And choosing Love can take tremendous effort.

We don't really need a Ph.D in philosophy to know what Love and Fear looks like, feels like, or sounds like. Love looks like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Fear looks like the exact opposite. But we're surrounded by negativity and fear so much that we accept it as the norm.

At home, in our jobs, in the world around us, we have been sold a bill of goods. A false message. And the message is: BE AFRAID...of just about everything and everyone. We have forgotten that there is an option…forgotten that our lives don't have to be filled with so much fear.

What it would be like to do things motivated by Love rather than Fear? If this sounds like a nice, but impossible concept, start small. Begin with a thing or two that isn't World Peace or even your job. A lot of it might not be what you are doing but rather why you are doing it. Examine your attitude about why you do a particlar thing. If you're doing something because you fear the consequences of not doing it, see if you can turn your motivation around and do it for the love of something (something positive!) or someone.

Fear is an enemy and it is real. Fear makes us a victim, afraid to go out and live life as fully as God intended. Fear reflects itself to us like a carnival mirror that distorts certain parts of the image way out of proportion. If we begin to think of that image as being real, our fear can hold us in a grip of despair that is disabling...even suffocating. Depression can take over. And then Hope, our biggest ally, our greatest advocate, can become disabled and forgotten...unable to come to our aid because we’ve quit believing there is anything to have hope about.

The best way to battle Fear is to "beef up" our own forces. Look inside yourself and recognize that Love is an integral part of who you are! Love is within every one of us. Contribute your love to others through the choices you make and the way you live your life. Then Love will overpower Fear. True Love will conquer Fear.

I feel the stab of fear now and then, but that’s okay because the wondrous, joyful light bulb that has illuminated my head and heart is that I can choose how I think, believe, and live.

And I choose Love. Won't you join me?


mark+hd+b_w.jpg (43877 bytes)Mark Reiman is the co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of Incredible People Magazine. He is the author of Through the Perilous Fight: Living a Life of Challenge, available through the author. Email him at mark@incrediblepeople.com.




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