Volume V Issue XXXVII


Erin Brady Worsham: Breathtaking Metamorphosis
  by Associated Press / Knox News


A Time For Every Purpose
  by Anne Voegtlin


A Dose of Strength
  by Jennifer Basye Sander


I Turned My Life Around
  by Shelly Sundholm


Dunk Not
  by Joseph Walker




Let's Become Fearless
  by Mark Reiman


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Seattle Washington USA


GlennaHeller.jpg (15834 bytes)A curious combination of high tech and rustic, Glenna Heller works as a member of Seagate Technology’s engineering information group, lives in a cabin in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains and writes by the light of her wood-burning stove amid giant California redwoods. Glenna is a 12- year student of A Course in Miracles and embraces a lifetime commitment to transformational technology, beauty and true love wherever it might be found. You can email her at glenna@cruzio.com. 


JeanKahler.jpg (82523 bytes)Jean Kahler is a registered nurse and an Aventis/Rilutek sales representative living in Aurora, IL with her 12 year old son. You can email her at: jeankahler@earthlink.netContributions include: Movie Reviews in Issue 17



VanessaFlores.jpg (35501 bytes)Vanessa Flores is a senior at The College of New Jersey and will be graduating in May 2001. "I feel very lucky to have stumbled across IncrediblePeople.com," she says, "and hope to continue writing for (I.P.) in the future."  After graduation, she hopes to write for an online magazine and pursue her dream of seeing the worldContributions include: When I Grow Up in Issue 18


Kathleen_Gilligan.jpg (30356 bytes)Kathleen Gilligan is the manager of Promotion for The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Wash. A true lover of words, she has worked at several Northwest newspapers as a reporter, columnist and editor. She shares her home with fiance Dan Coleman, and four dog-like cats: Blossom, Lily, Kung Pao and Angelo.  Contributions include: A Mother's Delight in Issue 21.   Contact her at kathleeng@spokesman.com

Ken Pierpont.jpg (131981 bytes)Ken Pierpont is a pastor, writer, story-teller, husband and father of eight who writes to encourage and inspire thoughts about eternal things.  You can read more of his writing at http://kenpierpont.com the home of the Stonebridge Newsletter, or send him a note at ken@kenpieront.com


JosephWalker.jpg (5301 bytes)Joseph Walker is a veteran journalist who worked 10 years for a daily metropolitan newspaper, including six as the TV columnist and critic. Since 1990 he has written ValueSpeak, a weekly syndicated column that appears in about 30 small hometown newspapers around the country. He is also the author of the book How Can You Mend a Broken Spleen? Home Remedies for an Ailing World, available on Amazon.com. You can email Joe at: valuescom@juno.com


joe edwards.jpg (11052 bytes)Joe Edwards is a semi-retired jazz pianist now living in Springfield, MO. Although he has played all over the country his primary base was Kansas City, known as the home of good jazz. Joe plans a book of stories about his hometown of Miller, Missouri.



MatthewBlais.jpg (3629 bytes)Matthew Blais is a software consultant, writer, musician, and healer, who has been pursuing his own healing journey since 1985. Send comments and questions directly to Matthew at HealSpirit@usa.net. Contributions include: Spiritual Healing and Transformation (5-part series).
BUS_I005.gif (5772 bytes)Bill Dodds is the author of the humorous, How to Survive Your 40th Birthday (Meadowbrook Press, 1-800-338-2232). Bill and his wife Monica – married in 1974 – have written, The Joy of Marriage (also by Meadowbrook). Contributions include: Near-miss Communication:Translating spouse-talk into English.
nancy(staff).jpg (11900 bytes)Nancy Paulsen has a degree in English and master’s degree in counseling from the University of Illinois. She has been a school counselor for 11 years and is also a marriage and family therapist. She lives and works in the Great Pacific Northwest. Contributions include: Coping With Change; Make Time For Yourself; Don’t Play Small.
MichaelPowersHead.jpg (5232 bytes)Michael Powers is happily married to his high school sweetheart Kristi, and has two boys: Caleb (4 years old) and Connor (1 year old.) Several of his stories have been published and he is currently working on his first book. He owns a video production business, coaches high school girl's basketball, and two years ago started Straight From the Heart, a free daily ezine that features inspirational, uplifting stories - often by published writers. To subscribe or contact Michael, send an email to Thunder27@aol.com. Contributions include: Tuxedo Swimming; The Day Lisa Lost, and.Batman
junehdbw.gif (4371 bytes)June Thompson-Sparks is an Emmy-award winning television news anchor in Phoenix, Arizona. She loves to hike in the desert around the Arizona home she shares with her husband, two daughters, and a foster daughter. When I asked if there are snakes where she hikes, she said, "Sure, but don't worry...I wear boots." OK, June, if you say so!  Contributions include: Millennium On My Mind.
BrianSteinerHead.jpg (6006 bytes)Brian "Bongoboy" Steiner has been playing percussion on the Northwest scene since the late1970's. Still active in the the R&B circuit, Brian has recorded and performed with many well known artists including Bo Diddly, Chuck Berry and Steve Miller. Brian is a Realtor with Windermere Real Estate in Seattle, WA. You can email him at: BJSSTEINER@aol.com. Contributions include:   numerous music reviews.
AnnLaBeck.gif (15995 bytes)Ann LaBeck is the Pastoral Assistant for Youth Ministry at St. Madeleine Sophie Church in Bellevue, WA. Ann is also a
guitarist extrordinaire, featured on Mark Reiman's album, Downpour. Her
Toyota's license plate reads GRLWGTR.  You go, girl!
You can email her at:
amlabeck@oz.net  Contributions include: Standing On Holy Ground


ChristieHansen.gif (4379 bytes)Christie A. Hansen is a wife and mother of three young children from North Logan, Utah. Her column, From the Trenches, appears in eight papers across five states and on-line at www.20ishparents.com. Contact her by e-mail at christiehansen@usa.netContributions include: Magic Heart


ChristieHansen.gif (4379 bytes)Jan MacIntyre has a Liberal Arts degree from the University of Montana and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Antioch College in Seattle. She is married, raising her 3 kids, and working at home as a stained glass artist. She volunteers as an art docent in the schools and raises awareness of disability/accessibility issues. Known to occasionally venture onstage to sing under the stage name Landsie, when the weather permits she is often found working in her newly landscaped garden, happy as a clam. You can email Jan at: macaroo5@aol.com Contributions include: I've Got you Mama


ChristieHansen.gif (4379 bytes)Zack Teperman is a 12 year old, 7th grade student at Charlton Public School in Thornhill, Ontario. You can congratulate Zack and the whole Charlton Free The Children crew through Zack’s email at: teppy13@hotmail.com  Contributions include: How 5 Students, 5 Teachers, and Three Cows Helped Free the Children


ChristieHansen.gif (4379 bytes)Jill Suzanne Jacobs is the Jewish Family Educator of the Leventhal-Sidman Jewish Community Center in Newton, Massachusetts. She holds a Masters of Arts in Jewish Education from the Rhea Hirsch School of Education, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, in Los Angeles. Contributions include: The Whole World is a Very Narrow Bridge: The Passover Process


ChristieHansen.gif (4379 bytes)Tarek Joseph Chemaly is a 25 year old agriculture engineer - soon to be an environmental economist - from Beirut, Lebanon. He is currently the head of the landscape maintenance department at Beirut International Airport. A journalist since 1996, he has worked with Sunday Telegraph, the London Observer, and Paris Match on special projects in Lebanon, in addition to more than a hundred fifty published articles in Lebanese newspapers. Tarek is currently the correspondent for COLORS magazine (the publication of the United Colors of Benetton) in Lebanon.  You can email Tarek at: tchemaly@dm.net.lb.  Contributions include: The Importance of Being Wassim


ChristieHansen.gif (4379 bytes)Jeri Shapiro-Hodgin was born in New York City and has 30 years of experienceas an R.N. in a wide range of applications. Richard Hodgin grew up in a small town in northwest Washington where he was a very successful high and jr. college wrestler. While he has earned a living as a pharmaceutical sales rep., at age 52, he still sees himself primarily as a wrestler. His passions have been wrestling with marriage, parenting, and peace and justice issues within faith-based organizations. Jeri and Richard have two 20-something aged sons and live in the sunny, Puget Sound region of Washington. You can email them at: h22cmf@aol.comContributions include: A Jew and a Christian Reflect on Pesach (Passover) and Easter


Eileen Rasnack.jpg (6423 bytes)Eileen Rasnack is a native Washingtonian who lives in Bellevue with her husband, four children, and hyperactive dog. She loves garden, enjoys hiking, camping, and knitting in her spare time. Contributions include: Book Reviews in Issue 17



kathy gates.gif (45738 bytes)Kathy Gates is a Professional Life Coach in Scottsdale, Arizona and author of the book 7 Secrets to a Great Life. Visit her website at  http://www.reallifecoach.com or email kathy@reallifecoach.com.




Peter Bennett.jpg (49377 bytes)Peter Bennett describes himself as a gray haired, baby boomer era freelance journalist concentrating mainly on art and theatre. Born in England, he migrated to Australia in the early seventies and has traveled extensively thought Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He has written for various newspapers and periodicals, returning to Australia in August 2001 after a ten-year absence. He is writing two humorous books about his sojourns in Turkey and Poland. You can email him at pmclare1@tas.quik.com.au


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